Antón Suárez / Spain

Residing in Madrid, Anton Suarez was born into an important flamenco family and is the son of the great singer “Guadiana”. His professional career started at the age of 15 with the renowned flamenco dancer Antonio Canales in his dance company, which served as a great learning experience. He also studied under the guidance of his cousin, Lucky Losada and he eventually went on to join the dance company of the world famous flamenco dancer “Sara Baras with whom he continues to work and tour with all over the world.



I chose to play La Rosa Percussion firstly for their quality, I believe they are the best cajons on the market, also, for their attention to detail and good relationship with their musicians. Every day they are researching and looking for new ways to improve the sound of their instruments. Above all, they have a great variety of cajons to choose from and to suit the tastes of every percussionist.

Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion

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