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Benjamin Santiago Roman "Benji Habichuela", Mallorca, 1988, belongs to one of the most important dynasties of Flamenco, the "Habichuela" family. This young musician of Gypsy ethnicity has always rooted himself in the Flamenco world yet in turn has taken a keen interest in other musical genres such as Jazz, Funk, Bossa-Nova, and especially Cuban music.

He began on the percussion at the early age of 9 years old. He is a self-taught musician, and his main references were: Antonio Carmona, Ramon Porrina, Giovanni Hidalgo, Jerry Gonzalez, Miguel Diaz "Anga", Changuito and Trilok Gurtu. Benji is considered a musician with a lot of depth in the Flamenco genre and also very versatile in other styles of music.


During his career he has participated in several projects on national and international tours including the shows “Souleria” and “Ole and Amen” by Pitingo and with Juan Carmona of the group Ketama, as well as performing with Pepe Habichuela, Antonio Carmona, Isis "Apache" Montero, Jorge Brown, Alain Perez, Jerry González, Fronterazul, Montse Cortes, José Carlos Gomez, Parrita, Gospel Factory, Toni Cuenca, Maria Toledo and Kiko Navarro.


At the moment he lives in Madrid and is immersed in many projects with the group "Fronterazul" (Flamenco / Jazz) and the Isis Apache Latin Jazz band "

He teaches Flamenco cajon and percussion classes at Radical Music in the center of Madrid.



I play La Rosa Percussion for their great variety of different sounds across all the models and for their unquestionable quality in everything they do.

Their comfort, sensitivity and expressiveness is what I like the most.

Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion

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