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Born in Granada, May 2, 1991 I started playing the Cajón at 9 years old, at 10, I started to work with my mother (who is a Flamenco artist) at private parties and conferences. At the age of 15 I began to teach Rumba and Sevillanas classes at an academy in Castilleja de la Cuesta and at 18 I went to Madrid to continue learning from the best percussionists in the city. Today I live in Granada, where I play every week in the Tablao "Jardines de Zoraya". I teach private lessons, I am part of the faculty of the Flamenco School "PorUnBujero" and I accompany great well-known figures of flamenco singing, dancing and guitar. I do not box myself into to any musical style. I play percussion, Flamenco, Latin and ethnic instruments, and drums. My favorite styles are Flamenco, Funk and Soul.



I decided to play with La Rosa Percussion because their instruments offer a very good balance between treble and bass. Also, their natural wood sounding cajons are spectacular, although I do not rule out trying some of the brighter more metallic sounding models.

Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion

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