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Born and residing in Tianjin, Devon Liu graduated from Shandong University majoring in voice and music education, Devon Liu is a modest but professional and enthusiastic percussionist, who showed a keen interest in musical instruments since he was a small boy. After many years of experience as percussionist he is well known in China. Now he owns a percussion school to help develop those who are interested in learning a variety of percussion instruments, especially the cajon. His unique charm and specialty attract more than 150 students. He often attends competitions and is invited as guest performer by prestigious CCTV programs. Some of his carrer highlights inclue:

In 2006 , the Chinese Pop Music Original Series, won the Third Prize
In 2007 , China Campus Original Songs Competition, won the Third Prize

In 2008, learning percussion instruments through well-known domestic percussionist system, promoting domestic percussion by founding musical percussion club of cultural study and communication.

In 2011, Yong Vocal Musical Instrument Competition, awarded as “the best teacher” In 2011, granted by Youku Music to promote homepage
In 2013, invited as percussion guest by CCTV 517
In 2013, released "I am Immortal" which was also known as "the Divine Comedy” In 2013, Toyota "Tpark" Original Music Competition, ranked the Third

In 2014, CCTV "YueZhanYueYong”, week champion
In 2015, CCTV famous "Avenue of Stars" , as percussion guest
In 2016, CCTV "Chinese Spring Festival Gala”, as percussion guest 



I chose LAROSA Percussion because it is the instrument with which I can best express myself.

Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion

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