Rafael Jiménez "El Chispas" / Spain

Born in the famous flamenco neighborhood of Cañorroto, Madrid, Chispas is a self-taught musician who has worked with legendary artists such as Ramón el Portugués, Guadiana, Enrique del Melchor, Antonio Carmona, Alain Pérez, Javier Massò “Caramelo de Cuba”, Juan Ramírez, Jorge Pardo, Victor Mendoza, José el Francés and a long list of Flamenco, Jazz and Latin artists, in addition to collaborating with Giovanni Hidalgo on some of his recordings.

He has performed in major theaters and Flamenco festivals all around the world, and as a teacher, he has taught at Berklee School of Music in Boston and Berklee Valencia amongst many other places. His manner of playing is defined by his precision, virtuosity, sensitivity and musical intelligence. 



From the very the first day I played a cajon by La Rosa Percussion I instantly found the perfect sound for my way of playing and the style of music that I make.

Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion

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