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Born in Australia to a Mauritian mother Iran father, Nasrine began to study Latin percussion at age 15 with the top players in the country. After completing a Bachelor or Music (Improvisation) at the prestigious VCA in Melbourne she made her first of three trips to Cuba to expand her knowledge in the art of Afro-Cuban Rumba for which she has a deep passion. After crossing paths with Flamenco musicians and becoming interested in the cajon, she eventually decided to move to Madrid to join the community of percussionists and world-class musicians residing in the Spanish capital. After more than 16 years as a professional musician and 8 years living in Madrid, she is now recognized in Spain as the highest representative of women in flamenco percussion, recognized for her delicacy when accompanying and her surprising strength and depth of language in improvisation. She has worked with great Flamenco figures from the Spanish music scene such as Montse Cortes, Jorge Pardo, Diego Guerrero and Carlos de Jacoba, and branching out from strictly pure Flamenco into fusion projects such as Juanito Makandé and the Kamikazes, Maui and Alberto Alcalá. She also dedicates a great deal of her time to recording as a studio musician, layering songs with a range of percussive colors of all kinds of styles.

As a member of the Diego Guerrero´s band she is dedicated to playing percussion as well as organizing and programming the "Diego Guerrero Flamenco Jam" where the best Flamenco artists and instrumentalists of the country meet. This weekly appointment has been packing out the legendary Café Berlin in Madrid for three years and has received worldwide recognition, making Wednesdays an unavoidable night for fans of the best Flamenco. It is a "half concert - half jam session", which has featured the collaboration of great figures such as Pepe Habichuela, Josemi Carmona, Jorge Pardo, Montse Cortés, Potito, Diego Del Morao, Juan Antonio Salazar, Antonio Serrano, Juan José Suárez " Pakete ", Piraña, Alain Pérez and Belén López amongst many others.



Predominantly for their excellent sound quality and construction, but also for the evident attention to detail and affection that they put in when creating what in my opinion are the best cajons in the international market. The fact that they can be tuned very accurately is essential and their cajons are very comfortable for those of us who are sitting on the cajon for long hours. The creator of La Rosa Percussion, José Mora, is always looking for feedback from local professional percussionists in order to improve and evolve his designs and original ideas so for us musicians, he is like another artist in a great family of percussion and music lovers.

Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion

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