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From Linares, Jaen, Pedro began his love of music at age 9, when he began to play flamenco percussion, collaborating with various artists in the flamenco scene such as Manolo Franco, El Cabrero, and El Polaco, as well as accompanying dancers in different dance companies and as soloists. At the age of 21 he moved to Madrid to dedicate himself to music where he began to alternate the flamenco style with other styles of music, as a percussionist and backing vocalist in different countries like; Japan, Jordan, Taiwan, El Salvador, Guatemala, France etc. Some of the most celebrated artists he has worked with include José Merce, José Francés, Chonchi Heredia, Lole (of Lole and Manuel), ErPeche, Diego del Morao, Moraíto Chico, Antonio Carmona, Abigail, Inma Serrano, Miami Sound Machine, etc. He has shared the stage with Niña Pastori, Andy and Lucas, Echegaray, Estrella Morente, Capullo de Jerez, Carmen Linares, and Ricky Martin, amongst others.

In 2014 he created the Flamenco company Mula & Gea, and presented in Granada their first work, Romance de los Olvidados, which ran during 2014-2016 in the Palacio de los Olvidados and became the winner of the best show in the city of Granada by TripAdvisor 2016. European awards, Festival of Rhythms and Dance of Zaragoza, Al-Andalus luxury train.



For me, they are currently the best cajons on the market.

Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion

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