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Roberto Vozmediano began as a percussionist at the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance of the Community of Madrid Comandante Fortea, working frequently at the Teatro Real in Madrid and also spent three years at the Royal Conservatory of Dance of the Community of Madrid "Carmen Amaya" (El Espinillo).

As of 2001 he began to accompany the maestro José María Gallardo del Rey and Teresa Berganza (mezzosoprano) with the chamber group "La Marestranza", performing in prestigious venues such as the Paris Opera, the National Philharmonic in Warsaw and Carnegie Hall in New York.

Together with Juan Manuel Cañizares he toured with the shows "Nights of Imán y Luna" and "Iberia" in Japan, Turkey and Spain. 

As of 2002, he became part of the Antonio Najarro Dance Company touring the US, Turkey, France and Italy, as well as the Montreal Jazz Festival.

He has been a regular collaborator on Spanish National Television (2001-2005) and has also collaborated on many recordings including the album by the singer Malú “Desafío”, the album by Elina Garanca “Habanera” and the album by José María Gallardo del Rey ,“My Spain”.


Since September 2012 he has been touring the world as a percussionist for the National Ballet of Spain, under the direction of Antonio Najarro.



I discovered La Rosa Percussion through my friend Kike Terron during the time we worked together in the National Ballet of Spain. I think their cajons are the best value for money and I like the variety they have and the fact that each cajon has a very different sound. In terms of variety and sound they are the best the most comfortable for my way of playing.

Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion
Cajón Flamenco La Rosa Percussion

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